Pre rinse Faucet & bath faucet factory

Application range of high-pressure pre rinse faucet.

Widely used in restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, hotels, dishwashers, high-pressure washing and thawing of frozen products in supermarkets, high-pressure washing of medical equipment and supplies, high-pressure washing of factory equipment and products, and supporting use with dishwashers, The tableware is subjected to high-pressure washing before being put into the dishwasher, which greatly reduces the operating frequency of personnel.

Dishwashers began to appear in the Chinese electricity market in the late 1980s. However, due to factors such as consumption habits, use environment, and consumer purchasing power, they have not been stunned in China, and their penetration rate is not high. In Europe, America and other countries, it has already been popular in hotels, companies, schools and other places. Of course, when it comes to dishwashers, it is inseparable from the special high-pressure shower faucet for dishwashers. When used with dishwashers, the effect is leveraged!