Custom wall mount kitchen faucet with sprayer manufacturer factory 5806A

Dishwasher high pressure pre rinse faucet features

High-pressure showers are a category of showers, which have the effect of high-pressure water output. High-pressure showers generally have a device inside. The shower nozzle presses air in. The pressure of the air can be used under the condition of equal water flow. The water flow increases. The high-pressure shower will use laser perforation, 16-hole nozzles, and a new design with special boost function, which has the effect of saving water and greater water pressure.

The high-pressure shower has a beautiful appearance, chrome plating on the surface, and better anti-rust performance. It can freely stretch the tube to various directions and freely adjust the height. It is used for pre-washing and washing dishes in commercial kitchens such as hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, etc. Dishwasher is used in combination, and high-pressure washing is carried out first, which greatly reduces the number of water changes and cleaning time of the dishwashing butterfly machine, saving time, water, electricity, and labor. High-pressure flushing and thawing of quenched products in supermarkets; supporting high-pressure flushing of medical equipment and supplies with water pressure of 1500 kpa and temperature of 300°C, high-pressure flushing of factory equipment and products.

Material: 59 copper
Finish: chrome plated
Cartridge: brass
Spray: brass+plastic, 5.37l/minute,
Hose: 304stainless steel, afford 140kgs pulling power, -15-100 degree, 3.5mpa water pressure.

Product Description:
Model: ZBS-5806A

Place of Origin: Guangdong·Kaiping Shuikou

Installation method: countertop installation
Body: Brass
Spool: copper spool
Handle: zinc alloy
Straight pipe: Φ16*20″(510mm) brass chrome-plated pole
Sprinkler head/shower head: copper + plastic (spray gun head flow rate: 5.37 liters/minute) shower faucet conforms to the ANSI/ASTM F2324-03 international standard.
Spring: 25″(640mm) chrome-plated stainless steel high elastic vertical spring
Wall bracket: 12″ (305mm) wall bracket (length can be cut according to installation needs);
Hose/throat: Φ18*38”(965)mm outer skin 304 stainless steel double buckle anti-falling, can withstand 100-140kg pulling force, inner tube EPDM non-toxic plastic, temperature range -15-100 degrees, outer braided 304 steel wire, can be Withstand 3.5mpa water pressure.
Supply method: spot (available within 500 sets)
Countertop single-hole high-pressure shower faucet
Formed with national standard brass forging
Five-layer surface plating treatment, long-lasting bright new
Using copper ceramic disc valve core
Use 304 stainless steel hose, can withstand 35mpa water pressure, not easy to burst
The shower nozzle has a built-in stainless steel 304 spring (don’t worry about the switch not popping out after long time use)

Environmentally-friendly plastic packaging (convenient to disassemble and check, break the trouble of re-sending to the manufacturer after disassembling the traditional packaging)

The installation of the first domestic product does not require water-filling tape, which greatly saves installation costs.

The only product with a patent certificate in China (Patent No.: ZL 201530226173.0)

The only product in China with a packaging patent certificate (Patent No.: ZL 2014 3 0293292.3)

Packaging: inner and outer neutral yellow kraft cardboard + suction cup plastic packaging.
Packing list: a complete set of the product, and an accessory package (2 commonly used washers, 2 wall plastic pellets, 1 2.5 hex key, 2 m5 hexagon socket screws, 2 5 centimetric self-tapping screws) Customer installation and replacement when needed, please keep it properly, an assembly manual, and written instructions for installation.
Single set net weight: 3.03kg/set
Single set with packaging weight: 3.3kg/set
One piece gross weight: 19.8kg/6 sets
A set of outer box size: 680*320*8 (mm)
One piece/6 sets Outer box size: 680*320*500 (mm)


Maintenance tips for high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens

The use of high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens is very large, and the cleaning of water is related to people’s healthy life. Since the high-pressure shower faucets are electroplated, the kitchen high-pressure shower faucets must be well maintained and cleaned. . Some people don’t care much about maintenance, some people don’t have the awareness of maintenance at all, and some people don’t fold how to do maintenance. Then the editor will introduce the maintenance skills of high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens and the use of them. Precautions for your reference in real life.

1. In order to ensure the durability of the product, try to move slowly and softly during operation.

2. After using for a long period of time, if you find that the water spray of the shower nozzle is irregular but intermittently flowing out, there is a foreign object blocking the water outlet. At this time, you only need to gently move the soft water outlet of the shower with your hand. The glue or the water outlet piece is removed for cleaning, and the small debris will be cleaned out.

3. The hot water side of the faucet is in a high temperature state. Be careful not to let the skin directly touch the surface to avoid burns.

4. Do not use decontamination powder, polishing powder and other particles-containing laundry polyester or nylon for scrubbing.

5. Since acid detergent can corrode the electroplated layer, it should not be used when washing clothes. If you use acid to wash ceramic tiles, you should rinse the shower immediately and scratch it with software.

6. When the faucet is dirty, first wipe it with an appropriate amount of diluted neutral washing cloth, and then rinse with water to prevent the faucet from being wiped clean.

7. When oil fume sticks, the electroplating surface will lose its luster, please wash the faucet dry with a soft cloth to ensure that the faucet has a new look.

8. When you do not use the faucet for a long time, please close the water inlet valve of your home.

9. When the ambient temperature is below zero, please take necessary measures to keep the water equipment in your home warm in time