The special electroplating processing technology our taps’

1.7 layer plating surface treatment: 2 layers of copper, nickel (semi-optical Nickel light nickel), semi-gloss chrome, all-optical chromium, SP special surface treatment, to make sure that the the key surface coating combined Closer, won’t remove, is difficult corrosion.

2 the thickness from the plating layer from the nickel layer is eighteen-23um, the chromium layer is .25-.3um, and also the thickness from the general brand faucet nickel layer 4-6um, chromium layer O. 15um. The thickness from the plating layer to look for the duration of the key the surface of existence. The key would be that the nickel plating layer thickness thicker the greater they are able to boost the the key surface hardness that has been enhanced the corrosion resistance from the leading surface.

3. Industry unique SP special surface treatment: scratch resistant qualities than regular faucet doubling.

4 with the neutral 200 hrs of salt spray test, superior corrosion resistance. Make sure that lengthy-term utilisation of the faucet surface remains vibrant as new.

5 excellent mirror effect, light can Kam people. Clean take proper care of the simple one.


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