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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance System

A key to the success of Downline is its commitment to QUALITY, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT and ENGINEERING. Rigorous quality control during the production process requires that each mixer is subject to as many as 30 tests & control before being packaged on the assembly line.

The Quality Assurance System is basically designed and operated in accordance with the relevant EN standard and also in accordance with the TUV DIN ISO 9001 specification for design, manufacture and installation but with significant additional features which in many respects considerably exceed the minimum requirement laid down.

Our philosophy on Quality System Requirements are implemented as follow :

  • Management responsibility.
  • Training.
  • Design control.
  • Document control.
  • Purchasing control and audit.
  • Quality system.
  • Quality record.
  • Product identification and traceability.
  • Process control.
  • Inspection, testing and measuring equipment control.
  • Control of nonconforming products.
  • Corrective action.
  • Internal quality audits.
  • Handling, assembly, packaging and storage.
  • Servicing.

Our European specification products comply to the following standards:

EN200—General technical specification for single taps and mixer taps.

EN246—General specification for flow rate regulator.

EN817—General technical specification for single control mixing valve and other separate mixing valves.

EN248—General technical specifications for Electrodeposited nickel chrome coatings.

EN1982—Copper and copper alloys—Ingots and castings.

Our North America specification products comply to the following standards:


ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1-2005.