Maintenance tips for high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens read more →

How you can mix basin taps together with your bathroom Basin classification Basin Faucet installation is split into: a wall-mounted faucet and sitting leading Wall-mounted basin taps: wall stretching out of the basin while watching faucet, water pipes are hidden within the walls. This breaks the standard concept Has become a design more stylish way... read more →

The special electroplating processing technology our taps’ 1.7 layer plating surface treatment: 2 layers of copper, nickel (semi-optical Nickel light nickel), semi-gloss chrome, all-optical chromium, SP special surface treatment, to make sure that the the key surface coating combined Closer, won’t remove, is difficult corrosion. 2 the thickness from the plating layer from the nickel.. read more →

27 Mar 2013
March 27, 2013

Miracle faucet

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Miracle faucet The miracle faucet middle corrugated frosted glass design, like ripples in water, due to the built-colored changing Introduced light while using hot and cold levels, the visual effect is great, frosted glass within the metal ball in our size when the control pressure, while performing an engraving process as well, You can find.. read more →

What’s the industrial nickel plating process ? 1) dark nickel. Additionally towards the individual like a functional coating, primer coating is principally used like a protective and ornamental films, to exchange cyanide copper plating process, boost the coating adhesion. 2) semi-vibrant nickel. Doesn’t contain sulfur at nighttime nickel bath was added a tiny bit of.. read more →