21 Feb 2013
February 21, 2013

what is the high quality faucet standard

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What is the high quality faucet standard?

1. material: 62 grade solid brass. international standard.

2. Body: made from die casting machine, such as Italy IMR.

3. Spout: 62 grade brass not the stainless steel or zinc alloy.

4. Aerator: using Germany Brand Neoperl. it is stainless steel, easy to clean, never get rusty.

5. Cartridge: Korex cartridge, 300,000 to 500,000 cycles. it won’t too tight or loose.

6. Hose: NSF certificated 304 stainless steel hose.

7. Polish: very smooth, look like the mirror.

8. Finish: 25um nickel, 0.3 um chrome.

9. Accessories: brass material.

10. Package: purple bag pack,good design inner box, high quality box.

11. Testing: we will test every piece before shipment. So that we can guarantee every piece  are perfect.

12. Guarantee: 5 years guarantee.

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