23 Feb 2013
February 23, 2013

How to install grab bars in right way?

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How to install grab bars

A. You need to get the following tools ready for setting up.

  1. electric drill with 8mm drill bit
  2. philips screwdriver
  3. line tape
  4. mark pen
  5. screw accessories
  6. sinker

B. Setting up steps

  1. mark the height of the grab bars you want to set up. Generally speaking, the common height is 75-80cm.
  2. mark the screw hole of the grab bars on the wall.
  3. drill the mark point of the screw hole.
  4. stamp the plastic insert into the wall.
  5. screw down the grab bar onto the wall by using the screw.
  6. clean up all the dust. everything is ok.

Actually, if you want to setup the bath mixer taps with shower, it will be more difficult. We will let you know next day.



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