Maintenance tips for high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens

The use of high-pressure pre rinse faucets in commercial kitchens is very large, and the cleaning of water is related to people's healthy life. Since the high-pressure shower faucets are electroplated, the kitchen high-pressure shower faucets must be well maintained and cleaned. . Some people don’t care much about maintenance, some people don’t have the awareness of maintenance at all, and some people don’t fold how to do maintenance. Then the editor will introduce the maintenance skills of high-pressure shower faucets in commercial kitchens and the use of them. Precautions for your reference in real life.

1. In order to ensure the durability of the product, try to move slowly and softly during operation.

2. After using for a long period of time, if you find that the water spray of the shower nozzle is irregular but intermittently flowing out, there is a foreign object blocking the water outlet. At this time, you only need to gently move the soft water outlet of the shower with your hand. The glue or the water outlet piece is removed for cleaning, and the small debris will be cleaned out.

3. The hot water side of the faucet is in a high temperature state. Be careful not to let the skin directly touch the surface to avoid burns.

4. Do not use decontamination powder, polishing powder and other particles-containing laundry polyester or nylon for scrubbing.

5. Since acid detergent can corrode the electroplated layer, it should not be used when washing clothes. If you use acid to wash ceramic tiles, you should rinse the shower immediately and scratch it with software.

6. When the faucet is dirty, first wipe it with an appropriate amount of diluted neutral washing cloth, and then rinse with water to prevent the faucet from being wiped clean.

7. When oil fume sticks, the electroplating surface will lose its luster, please wash the faucet dry with a soft cloth to ensure that the faucet has a new look.

8. When you do not use the faucet for a long time, please close the water inlet valve of your home.

9. When the ambient temperature is below zero, please take necessary measures to keep the water equipment in your home warm in time