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Hansgrohe Bath Shower Mixer With Diverter

Bath shower mixer with diverter, Hansgrohe bath mixer

Bath shower mixer with diverter


Thermostatic bath taps

> Comes with all necessary accessories for installation.
> Featured with durable ceramic valves ensuring there are no water leaks.
> Available to work more than 600,000 times at a water temperature of 90 degrees.
> High quality material and finishing tested at a high water pressure of 1.6Mpa.

1. Weight
Beware of cheap and low-quality faucets. All Bass faucets are crafted from high-quality alloys. The proof is in the weight; lightweight metals are often a sign of a low-quality faucet build
2. Material
A faucet’s material determines its durability. Low-quality faucet brass can easily lead to rust, water damage, and worse. Brass faucets are made from high-quality brass, which minimizes the chance of corrosion and rust occurring.
3. Cartridge
The cartridge is a key part of any faucet. Low-quality faucets with poorly built valves can mean water leaks and expensive repairs. All Bass faucets use high-quality ceramic valves, which provide the best protection from water leakage.

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4. Packaging.
All our faucets are supplied professionally packaged and include all the relevant installation accessories and user manuals.
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