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Wall Mounted Pantry Faucets -

Material: 59 copper
Finish: chrome plated
Cartridge: brass
Spray: brass+plastic, 5.37l/minute,
Hose: 304stainless steel, afford 140kgs pulling power, -15-100 degree, 3.5mpa water pressure.
Product Description:
Model: ZBS-1801
Place of Origin: Kaiping Shuikou, Guangdong
Body: Brass
Spool: Copper screw spool (with check valve)
Handle: zinc alloy
Outlet pipe: 201 stainless steel plating
Scope of commodity application: widely used in restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, dishwashers, sinks, kitchenware and kitchen equipment.

Dishwasher high-pressure pre-rinse faucet features
High-pressure showers are a category of showers, which have the effect of high-pressure water output. High-pressure showers generally have a device inside. The shower nozzle presses air in. The pressure of the air can be used under the condition of equal water flow. The water flow increases. The high-pressure shower will use laser perforation, 16-hole nozzles, and a new design with a special boost function, which has the effect of saving water and greater water pressure.
The high-pressure shower has a beautiful appearance, chrome plating on the surface, and better anti-rust performance. It can freely stretch the tube to various directions and freely adjust the height. It is used for pre-washing and washing dishes in commercial kitchens such as hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, etc. The dishwasher is used in combination, and high-pressure washing is carried out first, which greatly reduces the number of water changes and cleaning time of the dishwashing butterfly machine, saving time, water, electricity, and labor. High-pressure flushing and thawing of quenched products in supermarkets; supporting high-pressure flushing of medical equipment and supplies with water pressure of 1500 kpa and temperature of 300°C, high-pressure flushing of factory equipment and products.
Supply method: spot (available within 500 sets)
Wall-type astrolabe faucet and kitchen faucet
Formed by national standard brass casting
Five-layer surface plating treatment, long-lasting bright new
Using a screw valve core and using two rubber rings to seal the water, the life of the valve core is five times that of the ordinary valve core
With check valve to prevent backflow.
Use stainless steel electroplated outlet pipe
Adopt a water-saving bubbler, (filter impurities, effectively save water)
Product design eccentric base (the centre distance of 196mm-212mm can be adjusted to solve the trouble of irregular opening and unable to install)
The only product with a patent certificate in China (Patent No.: ZL 2014 3 0452336.2)

Packing: pearl cotton cloth bag + neutral yellow kraft cardboard inside and outside.
Single set with packing weight: 2.48kg/set
One piece weight: 40kg/16 sets
Outer box size: 41.5*36*22 (cm)
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